July Forth Cruising on the Ninth

Hosted on July 09, 2008 from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Mother Nature attempted to once more rain on our parade, but the cruisers were determined to show up anyway. It proved to be the right decision. Hemi Denny and approximately 80 cruisers enjoyed a beautiful evening. The weather was perfect and the cars were spotless. One lucky person took home a 50-50 prize of $84.00 Congratulations! By the way, we found an earring laying around and assumed it wasn’t a donation. Feel free to swing by, have a bite to eat, and pick it up.

Let’s go for an even bigger pot in August! We had several new cruisers this time. Word is getting around. Tell your friends. There is always room for more. Thanks cruisers. See you August 13th.


Here's just a few of the many photos we took at the event. Have one you want to share? Send an email to info@cadetrestaurant.com with the photo and we'll post it on here.


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